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The former political prisoners Ángel de Fana, Ernesto Díaz Rodríguez, José L. Pujals Mederos and the ever eternal Mario Chanes de Armas, Eusebio Peñalver, and many others, Heleno Oviedo, Javier Denis, among many whose greatness makes us feel small and insignificant, conceived from exile one of many noble altruistic projects and those created to support their compatriots in Cuba fighting for change.

Many if not almost all spent more than a decade of years in Castro’s dungeons and all of whom were not able to devote their intellectual gifts, prestige and recognition to economic and family prosperity. But they preferred despite their individual ages and conditions to put their efforts  to not forgetting those left behind and so to dedicate their efforts to alleviating the pain and difficulties of the current political prisoners and their families.

What little mother of a prisoner, sister, wife or child devastated by a parent in prison policy did not cry with excitement and thanked veterans tireless these? Many, in this patriotic modesty, nor care to give his name or try to make themselves known, and not only helped his countrymen when they were prisoners, but once out of the bars have continued to benefit from this generous and selfless.

What little mother of a prisoner, sister, wife or child devastated by a parent who is a political prisoner did not cry with excitement and thank these tireless veterans? Many, from patriotic modesty, did not care to give their names or try to make themselves known, and not only helped their countrymen when they were prisoners, but once out from behind the bars they have continued to benefit from this generous and selfless help.

A few weeks ago a number of opponents received a cell phone thanks to these tireless veterans.

Some questions occur to me: first, how it is understood that the program of a prestigious organization and seriousness such as Plantados hasta la Libertad y la Democracia en Cuba suffers a shortage of funds due to the disapproval of the government of Barack Obama? Second, I don’t understand how in times like this where the forces of resistance face major thrusts and more brutal repression, times in which we need support and solidarity, the organizations who most provide it are deprived of their funds? Third, if it is my paranoia please excuse me, dear reader, but I am thinking of the hundreds and hundreds of my brothers left in prison, of their stranded families, of the thousands and thousands brave guajiros of the resistance who will henceforth lost their mobile phone or not be able to recharge it, of the dozens of my brothers who will emerge from their long years in prison to barely find their family or their home and thanks to organizations like Plantados and el Directorio Democrático Cubano they will be able to continue fighting and resisting.

I am not speaking for myself, because the discouragement, the incomprehension of such a gross plot will not make me lose any sleep nor will it make me leave Cuba. Rest assured advisers and instigators of such maneuvers. Notwithstanding all this, my brother Angel de Fana continues Plantados hasta la Libertad y la Democracia en Cuba, of this I have not the slightest doubt to those who deprive the resistance of its resources and of the solidarity and support of those closest and true friends of the cause of freedom in Cuba.

October 20 2011


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Comment on Radio Mambí

Fellow few hours ago I returned from Havana, where I was with the young opponent Junier García Ruiz at the home of Sara Marta Fonseca Quevedo participating in the camp that there held in support of freedom of this sister of ours, of her husband Julio León Pérez and others arrested.

This historical encampment had important participation from all sectors of the resistance there in Havana who went there to provide support and solidarity. In the Castro tyranny there is no alternative but to liberate our brothers, as well as our dear sister Yelena Garcés Nápoles en Palma Soriano.

Resistance continues, here in Santa Clara a courageous group of the Central Opposition Coalition of the Front held a hunger strike that has already extended for more than 15 days to protest the brutal repression of the Castro Communist tyranny, we think these brothers from Santa Clara also deserve support and merit solidarity.

We take advantage of this opportunity on behalf of the domestic opposition to send a message of encouragement to the family of Laura Pollan Toledo, this important opposition leader, this courageous woman who is in a very delicate state of health in a Havana hospital. [Note, shortly after this post was written Laura Pollan died.]

To Laura Pollan Toledo we send our love, our encouragement, our prayers and the assurance that you will recover, while we continue our battle, continue uniting our forces, uniting our wills despite the efforts of the strange gestures of an administration as that of Mr. Barack Obama who in such important moments seeks to deprive the resistance of the resources and means to continue this fight.

Compatriots, we strongly call attention to that fact that at a time when the regime loses repressive capacity, loses space, is calling on its forces, we strongly call attention in these times in particular to the actions like those of the Capitol, and in Santiago de Cuba and other major cities and regions where all this occurs, the opposition gather strength, the government of Barack Obama commits the imprudence to disapprove the assistance programs of such prestigious organizations, so important and so close as they have been, as Plantados hasta la Libertad y la Democracia en Cuba and el Directorio Democrático Cubano.

This action by the Obama administration truly has moved the opposition throughout the country, many people do not understand that. What prisoner, what relative of a prisoner, what opponent has not, has not felt the support and solidarity of Plantados hasta la Libertad y la Democracia; what political prisoner or former prisoner of the latter generations has not felt the human warmth and their families have not been able to visit them, take their support, take their food, thanks to the helping hand of Plantados. What opposition group, which protests in Cuba, what opponent no matter what their name, regardless of affiliation has not felt the important solidarity of the brothers of the Directorio Democrático Cubano, which opposition has not found space in stations such as Radio República. No, it seems that Mr. Barack Obama has forgotten that, it seems that his advisers and his spokesmen such as Mr. Joe Garcia are trying to misrepresent the situation.

No Mr. Joe Garcia in times like these, in which the elections there in the United States are approaching, many of you are only interested in that. For us the cause of freedom in Cuba is not Democrat, not Republican, it is Cuban and  it is resistance. Organizations such as the Directorio Democrático Cubano, as the Plantados hasta la Libertad y la Democracia en Cuba, as MAR por Cuba, as Vuelta Abajo por Cuba and so many others that make up the Asamblea de la Resistencia, are in very close collaboration.

And although those deprived of these programs, although Mr. Barack Obama deprives the resistance of the support programs, although Mr. Barack Obama continues to be advised by those who seek to fatten their bellies, furnish their lavish homes, here those of the resistance, we have to walk over 20 miles to get around a fence, we have to go walking along the highway to get to Santa Clara, where we get wet in our leaky homes, we who have to travel on a train or a cart, where we do not care about the luxury, where we only care about the fight, that’s not going to intimidate us.

You have closed your door to us, but many others have opened, and the resistance will continue as it was in those difficult years of the ’60s and ’70s, which did not break the courageous political prisoner, did not break those fighting those forces, they did not surrender, despite the  series of difficulties faced and the numerical differences they were facing in an adversary.

In any event know that the Directorio Democrático Cubano listens to us through this important station, know that Plantados hasta la Libertad y la Democracia, know that la Asamblea de la Resistencia, the Frente Nacional de Resistencia Cívica Orlando Zapata Tamayo will stand firm and continue shaking the foundations of the dictatorship.We will continue to take the University of Havana as we did a few months ago, continue to take the Capitol, continue holding cacerolazos — protests banging on pots and pans — across the country despite the spokespeople who spread dismay inside and outside Cuba.

Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez, who will not shut up and who will not leave Cuba, and know that with or without resources, with or without help facing the cheap politicking which seeks to support parasites and bellies at the expense of the true struggle, Viva Cuba Libre, Down with the Castro Communist Dictatorship.

October 12 2011

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The Latest Escapade

Now! I yelled to Duniel before jumping in the cart (pulled by horses) that was going at a trot. Unfortunately it was raining although we did not slip or fall down. We had to hurry though it was very difficult for the young officer to reach us. “How is it going?” Was the message that I would send to Yris when we were outside Placetas, that is the City and I did.

We had broken through the most difficult cordon, now walking and walking, the further we got from Placetas, the safer we would feel. We were jokingly telling each other how the fact of the birth of my niece Brenda helped me get out of the house, which was something I was already planning but couldn’t see the least possibility of doing.

The arrest of Sara Marta and later the disappearance of Yris had forced them to maintain a cordon around my house like I’d never seen, and now Yris had appeared and my house continued under siege.

“Antunez know you can’t leave,” a young officer told me, who saw me just as I approached the corner and he stood in my way, “You know you can’t leave your house.”

“Why can’t I go meet my niece who was just born?”

“Ah! If it’s for that, I’ll go with you.”

“Why are you coming with me, compadre? It’s raining, don’t be ridiculous.”

“It’s my job,” he told me.

I didn’t want to push him into a real argument and end up in a cop car, my objective was something else and so I was figuring out how to do it.

At that moment, a call came from my sister Bertha from Miami.

“Luly, Luly, I’ve got a State Security official here who says I can’t go alone to see the new mother and he’s coming with me.”

Compadre, compadre, don’t talk about me like that on the phone, it’s my work and I have to do it. I have my orders.”

“Who’s the official? What’s his name?” my sister asked.

“Ernesto,” I said.

“And are you from?” she asked.

“I’m from Sagua, girl.”

“Luly, he looks like a boy, he could be my son,” I told her shouting into the phone.

“How old are you?”


“My brother, what is it you are defending?”

“Me? The Revolution.”

“The Revolution. Is that following people and not letting them go anywhere?”

“I have my orders, Antunez, and look, I’m getting wet thanks to you,” the young man said.

“Sure but they send the orders from their comfortable offices, or from their houses enjoying the heat of their wives,” I told him.

Let Yris see, I told Duniel, when we climbed the stairs of the hospital and just as we arrived Yris put her foot ahead of everyone.

On returning, Yris, Duniel and I got a horse cart supposedly to return home. What would this officer do? On his spark his fate now depended and this was lacking. Just as the cart left he came back, but running. He seemed more animated than anything else and since no one is faster than a horse and even less so under a downpour, it was our moment and at one corner I yelled Now!

When we had walked more than twelve miles, the sky began to cloud and light rain to soak our clothes and stick to our bodies. Happily, a nylon helped us to protect our phones, the little money we had brought, and cigars, though the latter were in vain because matches and lighters were already useless due to the damp. I thought of a glass of cold water or soda, as intense thirst and hunger attacked us we remembered that we had forgotten the rich, fatty congris my wife had prepared and the chicken legs left in the pan.

Over two hours in a rustic and abandoned stop replenished me from fatigue and sleep, but not the blisters and sores on my legs and even less from the plague of mosquitoes that suck the blood. Duniel only 24, and I was less than a week from 47. At last a few soft drinks and bread with croquettes in one place, refueled our energies.

More than an hour riding a bus where we had to travel standing as there were no seats reminded us of the warm comfort of home. After walking five kilometers before taking other transportation to the capital I then sent a message to my wife, “As things stand,” which amounted to informing her that we were heading for the capital. We almost didn’t feel the trip, but each time the bus stopped we thought it was to arrest us.

Now in Havana another message, “Tell me I hope all is well.” Now if we were arrested Yris would know we were in Havana. Now comes the decisive moment, we arrived at Sara Mara’s home, where after various vicissitudes I advised Yris that we were near her house, and with the last of the messages that we took a Yutong bus.

Fortunately there was no one at the Sara Marta’s corner, we were limping, but still we started running when we called “Julio! Julio!” we didn’t get an answer, but our stomachs settled down when from the house next door his brother told us, “They’re not there, the house is locked and no one’s inside.” In a flash we then remembered what Julio said, “When we’re not there, just hop over the fence and wait for us in the yard,” so we did that. Huge pain when, still in the yard, his brother who has nothing to do with the opposition said to me:

“Hey! Like I told you he’s not there and you went into the yard?”

“’Excuse me sir, but I did it because from the first day I came here, he authorized me to do so.”

A little while later the children of Sara Marta came and later other opponents came. We had accomplished our purpose of making a mockery of the siege, we were there, thank God, and with the feeling of solidarity and sacrifice that characterizes the internal resistance, the same resistance that certain policies aim to deprive of their resources.

And now I was thinking of what would have been the reaction of the young officer when he saw only Yris jump from car on arriving home and not both of us, what he have told his superiors? For obvious reasons I omit in this paper the distance traveled and other details so as not to burn my options to continue breaking fences and ambushes.

October 7 2011

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The National Orlando Zapata Tamayo Front of Civil Resistance and Disobedience condemns the brutal and arbitrary arrests of those who in recent days have been victimized including two of the most important leaders of the internal Cuban Resistance.  I refer to former political prisoners Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia and Angel Moya Acosta as they were getting ready to join the historic National Boitel and Zapata Are Alive March.  Our coalition of coalitions is supported by these and other brothers who have been arrested in identical circumstances.

This front, which like the arrested promotes civil disobedience as a strategy of struggle, demands freedom for Moya Acosta and Ferrer Garcia and holds the bodies of political repression responsible for what might happen.

Brothers Angel Moya Acosta and Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia you are not alone, the Orlando Zapata National Front of Civic Resistance helps and supports with you.


Sara Marta Fonseca Quevedo, city of Havana, National Spokesperson

Raúl Luis Risco Pérez, adviser to the Front, Pinar del Rio

Eriberto Liranza Romero, coordinator in the West

José Díaz Silva, adviser and director of the Independent Libraries Project Front

Idania Yanez Contreras, coordinator in the central region

Ricardo Pupo Sierra, coordinator in Cienfuegos

Pastor Alexei Puerto Gómez, coordinator at Sancti Spiritu

Julio Columbié Batista, coordinator in Ciego de Avila

Santos Fernandez Sanchez, one of the coordinators in Camagüey

Yoan David Gonzalez Milanes, director of the Front in Camagüey

Caridad Caballero Batista, director of the Front in Holguin

Rolando Rodriguez Lobaina, national coordinator, Guantanamo

Yoandri Montoya Avilés, director of the Front in Granma

Marino Antonomarchit Rivero and Reinaldo Rodríguez Martínez  managers and coordinators Front in the province of Santiago de Cuba

Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez, general secretary of the Front.

Translated by:  Hank

December 6 2011

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