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It is striking how, this time, the Castro regime with its extremely powerful propaganda machine has not mentioned its “victory” in the last “election” (read: votes, [as opposed to elections where one can choose]) of the so-called “Poder Popular” or Assembly of People’s Power. I say this because one of the premises of the Castro regime has always been to turn setbacks into victories, whether Pyrrhic or for the sake of deceiving themselves. These ballots were nothing other than that, a significant setback for Castroism.

I believe that such open rejection from important sectors of the population had never been seen before, especially from the youth, not only on the day ballots were to be cast, but days and weeks before.

– I am not going to vote
– They had better not waste their time going to my house.
– What’s more, it will not solve anything.

Those were phrases heard everywhere. They heralded this new failure, which was corroborated by:

– I didn’t go anywhere.
– I went but I deposited a blank ballot.
– I made incendiary comments on my ballot before depositing it.
– In my home no one went in for that.
– That’s what we need to do. Enough of being sheep.

Placetas is a town of about 50,000 inhabitants. It is the geographic center of Cuba and its people are proud, not only of its beautiful park full of laurel trees with its majestic and unique bandstand, but of being the land of Cesar Paez, of the Girl of Placetas, and Roberto Martín Pérez, and the popular artist Rosendo Rossel. They may be, among others, the reason why a large proportion of its children said no to the lie, and abstained, annulled their ballot or did not go to vote. Placetas said yes to change.

Many “placeteños” know that the fact they took the position they did was not an isolated incident because similar testimonies were heard throughout the entire island.

This time, the regime and its electoral campaign were almost ignored, and I say almost because only certain media, and this or that reporter, in their eagerness to report and be a part of a breaking news story, repeated what they said them and presented more news about an electoral farce with neither candidates nor informative programs, than about the repression itself.

This reminds me of what happened with the famous Juanes concert in the José Martí Civic Square: the concert made the major publishing houses and newspapers around the world but little or no ink was spilled for those of us being repressed or placed under house arrest to prevent us from reaching the Square.

Translated by: PitoFe


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